Personalized Representation Tailored To Solve Your Legal Matters

Preserving your family’s legacy is an important part of the legal services available at Parish & Castleman. Every case starts with the story of a client’s personal experience and problem. It is my job to figure out a practical and efficient method to solve their legal issue. I can help you with matters involving:
  • Heirs in claims for their shares of estates
  • Executors of estates in federal estate tax and other estate matters
  • Individuals in making estate plans, and preparing wills, trusts, and powers of attorney
  • Farm owners in making and terminating farm leases
  • Buyers and sellers in real estate sales for cash, contracts for deed, and Section 1031 (Starker) exchanges

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Make Informed Decisions With Trusted Legal Advocacy

For some people, purchasing a home will be the single biggest investment they will make. It is important to ensure your documents are reviewed by a professional who is experienced in all matters relating to real estate before your contract cannot be undone. When you are buying or selling your home or a commercial property for your business, or you have a farmland investment, get the individual attention from a knowledgeable lawyer who cares about you. Make your critical decisions about your real estate purchase, sale or lease with confidence. I can help you with that.