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Real estate transactions in central Illinois are a hub of vibrant residential and commercial activities. Our community’s uniquely continuous farms are often a big part of business and real estate deals. However, navigating through inquiries about power lines, oil pipelines, water drainage or highway easements can be difficult to negotiate on your own, especially when a dispute arises. Protecting your landowner rights when corporations are muscling in with easements can be more challenging if you do not know what your rights are.

Agreements on your own without a seasoned — and local — real estate attorney in your corner can be troublesome. If you are thinking of buying a farm, want to sell your property or have concerns about your landowner rights, call my firm, Parish & Castleman, at 217-429-4283. I can help you.

An Experienced Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Achieve A Successful Outcome

At Parish & Castleman, I provide effective counsel, advice and representation for all matters related to real estate transactions and litigation, including those related to:

  • Residential real estate — Purchases, sales, closings, contract review
  • Commercial real estate — Drafting contracts, reviewing contracts
  • Farm real estate — Negotiations, purchases, leases, contracts, litigation
  • Power line easements
  • Oil pipeline easements
  • Wind farm easements
  • Easement identifications
  • Boundary disputes
  • Drainage matters
  • Evictions
  • Deeds
  • Estate planning for farmers

Do You Have Questions About Drainage Districts?

Central Illinois has a multitude of farmland still producing agriculture. For those interested in purchasing or leasing new or additional farmland, consulting with an attorney knowledgeable about drainage law is essential to the success of their farm.

Drainage laws apply to special districts in this state to ensure that landowners have a means to proper drainage on their property for agriculture and other purposes. Landowners have a right to adjust or improve the water flow and drainage on their property. However, proper drains, ditches and levees across the lands of others are regulated to ensure that property situated on lower areas receive the surface water that naturally flows from adjacent property on higher ground.

My firm has built a reputation for being one of the leading agriculture business law firms in the state. I have extensive experience in this highly specialized field. Before you buy or lease farmland, contact me to learn more about protecting your water rights.

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Whether you are buying a home, leasing commercial property, having a property dispute or looking forward to being a farmer, let’s talk. As an experienced real estate lawyer, I draw from over 40 years of experience in central Illinois, to guide and represent you. At Parish & Castleman, my team is ready to serve you. Contact my office in Decatur at 217-429-4283 or email me to schedule an appointment.